Sexy self love

As a simple shy girl lingerie is a bit daunting to me, because generally it represents the epitome of a sexified confident woman that oozes sex appeal wherever she goes. That is the kind of confidence I admire and want to attain. As I started this lingerie journey I’ve discovered that there is so much more to lingerie, in terms of what it represents, to how it should fit, how to take care of it the history and the science to it all. I recently noticed an up rise of a lot of lingerie brands and other brands in general pushing body positivity motos (#loveyourself kind of vibes).

Where does the self love journey begin and how do you go about it? I personally think it starts when you are in your most vulnerable state when you are alone naked and standing in front of the mirror. How you react and how you start to think about yourself will pave way to your self love journey because it all starts by being comfortable in your own company.
Being able to have a conversation with yourself and starting that journey as it will make you rediscover yourself. Don’t look at yourself and find what you think are your flaws but instead focus on, telling yourself how beautiful you are it might sound cliché but it works, make it a mantra. This is difficult to do as we have embedded all the media’s preferred body types into our subconsciousness.

Start looking at lingerie as your amour as it automatically makes you feel sexier.
Lingerie is full of misconception but in actual fact lingerie should be for yourself. Feel comfortable.
Seduce and flirt with yourself. Make yourself laugh.
So like everything else, you have to start small and make small changes to assure yourself of a stable growth path, one that won’t make you feel overwhelmed.
First we are going to take a look at black lingerie. It is bold and subtle, it also exudes comfortability and confidence. It holds the power to highlight and contour your body, according to what you want to accentuate and defocus on your body ( this applies to swimsuits too).
Black is a lovely colour, it is not an intimidating start to your lingerie collection. It just boosts your confidence and sensuality in a subtle way.

Here are some links to help you understand the emotional connection to lingerie and how black is just an awesome kickass colour.

Black as a kickass colour

Lingerie empowerment

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